Rebranding to… Berde Boy!


Hello everyone!

I have rebranded my blog, Triple Bottom Line, to Berde Boy.

I decided to give my blog an overhaul and apply a more relaxed, friendly vibe. I will still write about my insights on sustainability, but this time with a lens and mindset that can be easily understood hopefully by anyone. With Berde Boy, I’m also able to apply personal touches, as compared to using the name Triple Bottom Line (which, let’s face it, sounds too serious for a personal blog and sounds confusingly like a news channel). And after all, sustainability is everyone’s concern, so what better way to present it as this hip, trendy, and impactful phenomenon in the world today. For a better and more sustainable world, let’s keep hoping and dreaming.

This is a big jump for me as my sustainability blog will now go towards a completely new direction. The previous name of my blog, Triple Bottom Line, was meant to share stories on sustainability. Berde Boy is no different. What makes the new brand unique, however, is that it tackles sustainability on a lighter note — something that can easily be mentally digested for curious readers, first-time sustainability advocates, and many others. And of course, with your help, this blog can become successful someday. For sustainability and a better world — let’s write about it.

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