Why traveling is not an escape, but a journey towards life


We see it everywhere. Traveling is branded as an escape — a temporary sanctuary or rush of hormones. At the same time, I understand why this is the case, considering how travel has been advertised to us constantly.

The word ‘traveling’ brings a smile to people’s faces. Whoever I talk to, they would lighten up with just the thought of traveling somewhere in the world they haven’t seen in person before.

Traveling itself is an art. It’s something that refreshes and energizes us. Seeing new sights, new places, and basically being somewhere no one knows you give a feeling of excitement and wonder.

Here’s why I think traveling is more of a journey towards life rather than an escape from it.

Feelings of discovery

Traveling is all about meeting new people, seeing new sights, and getting valuable experiences. It gives you a natural high.

From the beautiful beaches and mountains in the Philippines, to the amazing mix of nature and urban landscapes in Taiwan, there’s always something new to discover when you travel.

Lots of amazing people

I’ve met a lot of helpful and amazing people in my travels. Although we only met momentarily, it’s the type of friendship that can last despite the lack of personal updates.

For me, the best part of traveling are the people you meet along the way. It could be the type of traveling for work, leisure — what have you. The nice people you get to know makes any travel experience worthwhile.

A chance to understand other countries and relate it to your own

Every time I travel abroad, I observe the city and how people move and act. I think pretty much anyone else does this. And I think it’s a very healthy way to better understand our home country. It gives us ideas on how to be better and perhaps learn a thing or two from other countries.

It also allows us to understand ourselves better. What’s our position in the world? Where do we truly belong? How do we reach our goals? These questions come into mind when we travel.

At the end of the day, traveling is a journey towards life — a chance to remodel and rediscover ourselves. More than just soul-searching, traveling is also about just having fun and taking things as they are.

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