About Berde Boy


Berde Boy (previously Triple Bottom Line) is a blog I created in September 2017 after visiting the Gawad Kalinga Enchanted Farm in Bulacan, Philippines. It was there where I first encountered social enterprises — organizations that attempt to solve problems in local communities through business solutions.

As I learned more about social enterprises, I realized that there is a bigger umbrella movement across the world that is taking hold: sustainability. In 2015, the United Nations created the Sustainable Development Goals, an ambitious list of 17 global goals that contain what the world needs to achieve by 2030.

Since then, I started adopting a broader lens in Berde Boy through sustainability. Sustainability is not just about social enterprises or the environment, it involves different kinds of sectors and actors. It is a global movement that requires the cooperation of people coming from different disciplines or areas. I would even say that it is a prologue to a new world order where people and the environment will finally co-exist and work in tandem to sustain the world for future generations.

Berde Boy happens to be a response to this changing world order. Through the blog, I share my insights and experiences on sustainability, with the hopes that it will spark the change maker within whoever visits the platform. Most importantly, Berde Boy approaches sustainability on a light note — something that can be digested and read by anyone. It attempts to tell insights and experiences on sustainability through whatever potential medium it may be. Lastly, Berde Boy is a call to action. It is a way to communicate sustainability as the prime solution to the systemic issues being faced by the world today.