Let’s Collaborate!


In an era where sustainability is vastly becoming a global imperative, collaborations, regardless of its scale, are now paramount to help us push this movement forward.


I have been contributing to this movement through my own, little ways. Since 2016, I have been engaged with a number of research projects focused on social entrepreneurship, social business incubation, and inclusive supply chains. I believe that one of the main vehicles or enablers of sustainability are the new breed of businesses that are increasingly becoming popular — social businesses.

Community-Based Projects

Apart from the documentation of sustainability, I was also involved in a number of projects with non-profit organizations working on causes such as sustainability and economic empowerment. Here, I was part of the organizers of a sustainable tourism panel discussion series, as well as among the project officers for a community-based developmental program focusing on mothers and kids.

Articles and Books

I have written articles on Manila Bulletin, Manila Times, and Manila Standard, all focusing on the themes of sustainability and social entrepreneurship. I am also a published co-author in an academic e-journal and a case book, both of which are focused on social entrepreneurship. My goal is to continue spreading the sustainability movement so that everyone can be inspired to take action and initiate their own, independent movements, whether they may be in their localities or onto bigger geographical scopes.

Public Speaking

Organizations have invited me to speak on a variety of topics including sustainability, social entrepreneurship, career development, and news writing. I would be happy to share with you my thoughts and insights in your event with the best of my abilities.


I love volunteer work — no doubt about that. Let me know if there are any sustainability-related volunteer engagements that I need to hear about, and I would check them out. If we can work together on one, that would be even more amazing.

I’m an open book

As sustainability, up to this point, is still a growing field, then all the more should we strive to develop and grow further. Learning never stops. I am interested on learning and working with you in the areas of digital marketing, copy-writing, and sustainability tools, to name a few. I believe these skills exist for us to better spread the message of the sustainability movement — which is all the more reason for us to learn them.

Let’s work together!